A Policy to Protect Your Safe Haven

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Your home is your safe haven. So, when you get home and want to unwind, that is when we are there to provide protection when and where you need it most. A homeowner policy is a package deal that protects your home, the contents and even covers your liability away from home for damage that is caused by you, your family members and even your family pets!


A package deal that protects your home and contents

Don’t own your own home? That’s ok!  We offer tenant policies too that cover all your belongings while you rent your residence.

Floods are scary, but definitely a very real threat in our area.  Have you ever been affected by a flood or know someone that has?  It is not a good situation, but hopefully they had flood insurance.  Whether you are in a flood zone or not, you can have this coverage and guess what?  We do that too!

Let the Douce Agency be your one stop shop for all things to protect your home & belongings.  Contact us for more information.


Douce Agency can tailor a home owner’s policy to fit your needs

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